Different Style of Jewelry

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Different Style of Jewelry 

  • Kundan 

Kundan is slightly affordable, traditionally used by Mughals, It makes use of glass imitations set in stones with Gold or Silver tones. 

Also, it features Meenakari enamel painting work on its reverse side. A great alternative to traditional Gold jewelry, Kundan is becoming a popular choice of jewelry for all brides. 

  • Pearl Jewelry

For brides who would like to minimal with their jewelry, Pearl is a good choice. With multi-layer Pearls, fine strands and statement pieces of Pearl jewelry.

  • Mughal Jewelry

Mughal jewelry is in trend nowadays, Bridal jewelry with chunky gemstones. Mughal jewelry range from enameled motifs to Navratna gemstones and intricate Jadau jewellery.

  • Silver Jewelry 

Oxidised Silver jewellery portrays a rustic look and is in demand nowadays  and is unique.

  • Polki Jewelry

Introduced by the Mughals of ancient India, Polki is a jewelry made of uncut Diamonds. It comes with a lower price tag when compared to real Diamond jewellery.

Since it consists of Diamonds in a raw finish, Polki is becoming an interesting choice of bridal jewellery well-knowns for its exotic shine and designs. 

  • Pachcikam Jewelry

This traditional jewellery from originated in Gujarat and Kutch. It is a more intricate and crude from of artwork well-known for its uniqueness and styles.

The process of making this type of jewellery is tedious and its handmade touch of excellence and superior finish. 

  • Temple Jewelry

Originally used in the idols of gods and goddesses in temples, this style of jewelry has made its entry first into dance jewelry and then to bridal jewelry. 

South Indian brides prefer to use temple jewelry for their bridal look. Not only this looks majestic, but it is also said to bring in good luck and prosperity.

  • Gemstone Jewelry

Fine precious stones of Ruby, Emerald and a Sapphire set in Gold make one of the finest pieces of jewelry. The cuts and colors of these gemstones make them stand apart from regular Gold jewelry.

Gemstone jewelry are valuable investments. They are the most sought after bridal jewelry for its value and fine elegance. 

  • Diamond Jewelry

Who doesn’t love Diamonds? Their shine, colors and lustre are good and provide the ultimate value for money.

It suits any type of attire and is also available in unfinished forms of Solitaire. 

  • Gold Jewelry

The most popular choice of bridal jewelry and it is also a great investment in terms of its value.





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