Methods of Opal Jewellery Construct



Solid Opal:

Solid Opal is a natural stone that is mined out of the ground and simply cut and polished. There are no additives or glued backs or caps on them. As such, these are the most valuable form of Opal. A Solid Australian Opal is an excellent long term investment as it will never deteriorate and only increase in value over time. Additionally, there are no two solid opal gemstones that will ever be exactly alike so you can be assured that your unique piece is the only one in the entire world. A Solid Opal Gemstone is the perfect heirloom to pass down generation to generation. Additionally, Solid Opals will never be damaged by water as the stone is 100% natural. For information on how to care for your Opal gemstone and Jewelry, please see our “Care & Handling” page for more.

Doublet Opal:

Opal Doublets consist of two layers and are a thin section of either precious or crystal Opal, glued to a glass, potch, tourmaline, or ironstone boulder backing but with no crystal cap to cover the Opal. The thickness of the Opal in a doublet can vary, however it is generally thicker than the Opal found in a triplet.

Triplet Opal:

Opal Triplets are a very thin slice of precious or Crystal Opal glued to a black base of glass, potch or semi precious stone such as tourmaline and covered with a clear natural crystal cap, as the name implies a triplet contains 3 layers. Adhering the slice of Opal to a black backing along with adding a crystal cap causes the colour to become much darker, more vibrant as well as magnified. Because of the crystal or quartz cap on top triplets can be a lot more resistant to impact than solid or doublet Opal stones offering an affordable entry point for budget conscious customers.

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