A matter of taste: gold or Silver Jewellery

Have you wondered whether gold or silver jewellery suits you better? While it ultimately comes down to the wearer and their preferences, there are unique features of each that worth knowing about. Here’s some of the key differences between the metals that can help you choose the one that best suits you.

Gold Jewelry

Nothing says elegance quite like a classic piece of gold jewellery. There are a variety of different gold tones on market, each with their own unique shine able to compliment a variety of skin tones.


The purest and most classic colour of gold we are most familiar with, yellow gold requires the least maintenance. When considering silver or gold jewellery, remember that the warm yellow colour is often a good match for almost all outfits and occasions. Yellow gold jewellery makes a great gift.


A soft goldish pink color created by combining gold and copper, this metal maintains the warmth and radiance of more conventional gold while highlighting blushy undertones of a variety of skin tones. Rose gold offers a contemporary statement on its own or worn alongside yellow or white gold. If you are considering experimenting or reinvigorating with your look, rose gold can be an excellent option


Combining gold and a white alloy metal, this metal is a stunning white colour softer and brighter than silver and with less greyish tones. This gives it a vibrant, ethereal look, making it a stunning centrepiece for any outfit. Regular rhodium replating will ensure your white gold continues to sparkle.


Similar to white gold, platinum has an almost silvery look, but is typically whiter and brighter. Because of its rarity, it may cost more, but it makes up for it in being highly durable and requiring little maintenance to maintain its white shiny appearance – meaning it can be a sparkling heirloom within your family. Platinum is the preferred choice for setting expensive stones. Ask us about jewellery options in platinum, whether it’s a wedding band, a fashion item or a custom-made piece.

Each of these metals are truly captivating and timeless. To best understand the gold proportion of the jewellery pieces you’re considering, make sure to check the caratage. The higher the carat, the more gold is used.

Sterling Silver Jewellery

From bracelets and bangles to pendants and necklaces, sterling silver can be the shining colour needed to add some radiance to your collection. Pure silver is relatively soft and malleable.

Something to keep in mind when buying sterling silver is that it can tarnish over time. Wearing your silver jewellery often helps keep the shine and over time it may develop a patina. Silver offers affordability in comparison to gold jewellery, which empowers you to explore a range of styles and pieces. Silver is a magnificent metal which can be used to tailor jewellery to whatever your particular style is. 

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